Cormorant fishing on the Uji River

The cormorant master and cormorant birds makes splendid world!

On the Uji River, running through the Uji city, Kyoto prefecture, every year in the summer night,“Uji Gawa Ukai” cormorant fishing on the Uji River is held.
Cormorant fishing is method of fishing by manipulating birds which is called U (cormorants) and 1000year old tradition. This skill can be seen from the viewing boat.
Cormorant`s throat is like an elastic bag so that can save fish in their throat. The fish is catched by the cormorant birds, because of ring tied around their necks,hold up in its throat.
Cormorant master remove the fish from the bird`s throat. Cormorant master dressed ancient time`s costume controlling six birds and catches fish. In Uji, female cormorant master`s performance are in the spotlight.
You can see the moment of the birds catches fish and cormorant master let them out, from its throat, because cormorant boat and viewing boat are so close.
On the cormorant boat, bonfire is blazing, the cormorant fishing in flickering fire, on the surface of the river is very beautiful

Season July 1(Mon.) ~Sept.30 (Mon)
Boarding placeBy the Kisen bridge Nakanoshima Ireland at prefectural Uji Park
Charge general viewing boat adults ¥2000 elementary students ¥1000
Time 7/1~8/31
Entry 17:00~
Boarding time 18:30~
Departure time 19:00~
time required about 1hour
Entry 17:00~
Boarding time 18:00~
Departure time 18:30~
time required about 1hour

*when rise of river, heavy weather, it may be cancelled.

Cormorant master

Cormorant manipulator is called cormorant master. There are 3 masters in Uji and 2 of them are women, very rare in the country. Cormorant masters in Uji dresses ancient costumes. (Kazaore bo-shi [Hat], Koshimino [straw skirt]).
One master control 6 birds. Cormorant master knows every bird`s character and select the birds for taking to the fishing. Also it is important to take care of birds like a family throughout the year is cormorant master`s important working.


grid-cont-p1s2 Cormorant birds playing main figure in the fishing is migrant bird and belongs to pelecaniformes (phalacrocoracidae).
They has acute beak and nails. They can catch the fish quickly, diving into deep Water. Also in their eyes there is clear film between eye and lid that role like an water glass clearly can see the shape of fish in the water. Cormorant master training trapped wild cormorant and raising up so that can full-fledged performance at cormorant Fishing. At the cormorant fishing time, birds are attached rope (oizuna) to the neck and body.
Cormorant birds has been living in the cormorant Barn all year round in Tounoshima Ireland. Trust relationship between cormorant master and birds has been building up because of master taking care of birds every day.

Umiu no Utty

Utty is first artificial hatching cormorant in Japan and named Utty.
Every year artificial hatching cormorant has been born and 9 birds Utty has been growing up present. Utty thinking of cormorant master as parent, such as charming cormorant birds welcome everyone winsomely.